Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Download Tubemate for IOS - Free download

Download Tubemate for IOS


Tubemate is an app that has become so familiar to Android phone users recently, so what about people using IOS? Recently, Tubemate's manufacturer has released the Tubemate version for IOS, which enables IOS users to view and download videos more conveniently.

Tubemate for IOS brings to you the latest movies and videos with the best quality. You will experience the ability to download movies at super fast speed. The software will save a lot of time with the ability to download multiple videos at once. You can also watch movies, play games or chat with your friends on Facebook while downloading videos without interrupting the loading process.

When you download video to your phone with Tubemate for IOS, which network connection is poor or lost, this application will automatically pause downloads and it will resume download when network connection is stable or available. This app not only helps you to watch movies online smoothly, but also helps you to download video in a variety of video formats, including Mp3 format for listening to music.

When downloading the Tubemate for IOS to your phone, install and run the application, look for the video you like, then press the green arrow to download Youtube videos or other video websites to your phone. Because the video has many resolution modes, you choose the resolution that best suits your device for the fastest download. TubeMate for IOS application was born to support video downloading, so the download speed of video files was very fast, you can select multiple connections with one download, choose quality according to the screen resolution of Your IOS device.

Bring in the same features as the PC, Tubemate for IOS is the perfect choice for your phone. Please quickly download it to use!

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