Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tubemate Youtube Downloader - Free download

Tubemate Youtube Downloader is software to view and download videos online on Youtube very quickly and conveniently. This application is provided completely free. The advent of Tubemate is extremely necessary; it meets the need to download copyright video on Youtube, when you are currently limited to downloading some videos on Youtube.

tubemate youtube downloader


The Tubemate application supports devices running the Android operating system. Designed with compact capacity, not take up too much memory capacity of the phone, along with effective features that fit with the user has helped Tubemate get more affection in the Android community.

When accessing Tubemate, the best and most viewed videos are displayed on the homepage so you can update the fastest hot clips of the day. Tubemate also features video download at the highest speed by the ability to compress data in application extremely fast. You will surely be surprised to use Tubemate when watching video as well as when downloading.

In addition, Tubemate also allows users to share great videos on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter quickly and simply, or mark the video you have not watched. Besides, Tubemate can be set underground running mode, unlike some other applications, when downloading video, the phone must remain in the application without being left out otherwise downloads will stop. But Tubemate is different, while downloading video, you can still listen to music, play games, surf the web without affecting the download as well as download speed.

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The benefits of using Tubemate

When you watch a Youtube video on any browser of your phone, you find it interesting and you want to download it to your computer for viewing at any time, even if you do not have a network connection. But the phone browser does not support video downloading. Tubemate will help you do that, the application is designed to bring more convenience to the user.

Where is the best Tubemate download?

You can not find the Tubemate application on Google Play so finding a place to download the application and using it safely is absolutely essential. There are many websites that allow you to download Tubemate for free, you can download the Tubemate Youtube Downloader application in those places. But where you can rest assured when the long-term download and use is here.

Tips when using the Tubemate application

A special point in Tubemate that other applications do not have, is feature of self-recovery download when network is disconnected, have to wait a long time to download the video to your phone, but when the download is almost complete, the network connection is disconnected and you have to start over again. Tubemate will end that. With the self-recovering download feature, you can easily download videos without worrying about network problems.

Tubemate also has a outstanding feature that allows you to download multiple videos at the same time, instead of just one video download, and users can follow the videos they download in the app's download manager.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tubemate

- Can I use Tubemate to download copyrighted music videos that the Youtube app does not allow downloads?

Answer: You absolutely can do it. With Tubemate you can download all the videos you like on youtube.

- When I use the Tubemate application to download, unfortunately lost connection, can I continue to download?

Answer: You absolutely can do it all because Tubemate has automatic video reload feature so you do not have to worry about network problems.

- Can I use Tubemate software to download multiple videos at the same time?

Answer: Yes! You can do that because Tubemate does not limit the number of download tabs, but you should limit the download of multiple videos at once if your network traffic is not good!


With the great features Tubemate brings, there is no reason for you to refuse it. Quickly download Tubemate to your phoneand enjoy the benefits of the application. Now access and look to the application store of the system. The latest version with full features of the manufacturer is available on CH Play and is completely free. Have fun with our great app. Tubemate certainly will not disappoint you.

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